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Before & After Care

The after care program is designed to supplement the educational

process and challenge the students to apply skills learned in a fun and loving environment.

After homework, the students are involved in activities such

as creative clubs, organized sports, creative arts, group activities,

recreational activities, and religious devotion, which challenge their

physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacities.


Our Program Includes

  • Homework Assistance
  • Programming when school is closed
  • S.T.E.A.M Programming
  • Sports
  • Fun Activities Daily
  • Christian Environment
  • Snack
  • Transportation to and from school

Seasonal Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Basketball
  • Dance
  • Content Club
  • Boxing
  • Double Dutch
  • Nail Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Math Camp
  • Reading Camp







Schools We Service

Students enrolled in our before and aftercare program receive free transportation to and from the following schools:


  • Imagine Andrews

  • Imagine Lincoln

  • Imagine Morningside

  • Stephen Decatur

  • CMIT Elementary

  • Overlook

  • Panorama

  • Benjamin Folouis

  • Clinton Grove

  • Maya Angelou

  • Waldon Woods

  • Melwood Elementary

  • James Ryder Randall

  • Francis T Evans

Please read the following BEFORE you register:
I acknowledge that even if I enroll on a date when tuition is due, I am still responsible for submitting my payment on time or I will receive a late fee of $25 daily.


Example: If tuition is due on 9/3/21 and you register your child on 9/3/21 you still must abide by the tuition due date cycle. Please note, you still must submit your registration fee, deposit and tuition payment (when it is due).


Payments are always due prior to the following week that your child attends.

Example: Tuition is due on 9/17/21 for the weeks of Sept 20th - Oct 1.


I acknowledge that my deposit will be applied, upon request, as a credit on my account after six months of consistent enrollment. Your deposit is not your first payment nor will it be applied to your account until after six months. 

Important Accounting Information

All payments must be submitted online at

Payment cycles: Bi-weekly or Monthly only!

Late fee policy: $25/per day. After the third day of nonpayment your child will be disenrolled. Once child is disenrolled, parent must re-register. Student will not get picked up from school and will not be allowed to get dropped off in the morning for before care.

Full payment is still due when children are absent. This includes having to quarantine, holidays, and school breaks.

School's Out Care Care

WV Clubhouse will be hosting an "Extended Care" to all county school students on certain days that PG County schools are closed. During extended care, parents are able to drop-off for full day care for an additional price.

Note: Your before and after care tuition does not cover extended care. Extended care is available for non WV Clubhouse enrolled students.

Please refer to the "School's Out Care" page for upcoming extended care


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