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The Clubhouse Math Club

The Clubhouse Math Club provides small group tutoring for key concepts in elementary math. The Club is designed to help students build and strengthen their math skills in a enjoyable and interactive environment.


This club is great for students of all levels; those who hate math to those who are advanced and want to continue growing. 

CC Sundays
(Concept Clarification Sundays) - Free

CC Sundays (Concept Clarification Sundays) is a virtual group help session for students in elementary school. This is designed for students who don't necessarily need on-going tutoring, but needs a math concept they are working on in school clarified.


This is done in an open forum setting, so students can jump in get the help they need and leave, anytime between 3:00-4:00. We only plan to spend up to 15 minutes with each student to ensure others can get the help needed.

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Beginner Class (Fundamentals) CAMP

Recommended Grades: 3rd-5th

Week 1

1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s,

Recognize place value to Ten Thousand (whole numbers only)

Strengthen Mental Math: Addition and Subtraction


Week 2

4s, 6s (same pattern)

Mental Math: Multiplication

Subtracting up to 4 digits with borrowing

Add up to 4 digits with regrouping

Week 3


Mental Math: Division

Multiply up to 1 digit by 2 digit

Week 4

8s, 9s

Multiply by powers of 10

Multiply up to 2 digit by 2 digit

Other Bootcamps

For advance students.

Must know multiples of 1-5.

Must learn 6-9 throughout camp

Build Up/Break Down Camp 

(Long division/Multiplication using various methods) (area model, and Standard)

Recommended Grades: 3rd-5th

week 1  Multiplication Standard Algorithm and Area Model/Estimation


week 2  Multiplication Standard Algorithm and Area Model/Estimation


week 3 Long Division


week 4  Long Division

Working w/ Money Camp

(Operations with decimals/estimation)

Recommended Grades: 4th/5th

week 1  Visual Representation of tenths hundredths/ Rounding, Add/Subtract Decimals


week 2  Multiply Decimals


week 3  Divide Decimals


week 4  Estimation/Rounding





Fraction Action 1 Camp

(Understanding Fractions) (identifying, equivalence, comparing, adding/subtraction)

 Recommended Grades: 3rd/4th

week 1 Visual Representation of Fractions and mixed numbers, Comparing estimation


week 2  Adding/Subtracting fractions with common denominators


week 3  Fraction Equivalence/Simplifying


week 4  Fraction conversions (Mixed number to and from improper fraction)



Fraction Action 2 Camp

(Operations with fractions) (add, subtract, multiply, divide, estimation and comparing)

Recommended Grades: 4th/5th

week 1  Add and Subtract with uncommon denominators


week 2  Multiply/Divide Fractions  (numerically)


week 3  Multiply Fractions (Number line, Area Model)


week 4  Estimation/Comparing

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Thank you to all for your continued support of our program!