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Pre-K3 & Pre-K4

Our curriculum is based on the Abeka Curriculum for our three and four-year-old's. Every student has the opportunity to recognize the wonder of God’s creation through a wide variety of experiences and interactions.

We emphasize concrete experiential learning through play and active engagement. Teachers guide students through early literacy concepts by utilizing handwriting and work on mathematics with hands-on manipulatives to build on their students’ natural motivations.

In addition to their classroom time, our four-year-old’s participate in weekly Music, P.E., Devotion,  and Technology programs.


Small class size and affordable tuition!

Book fees are paid within your deposit!


Supply List

  • Family Portrait

  • (2) Hand Sanitizers

  • (2) Cans of Lysol

  • (1) Gallon Ziplock Bags

  • (1) Box of Sandwich Bags

  • Scissors

  • (2) Composition Books

  • Bookbag

  • Fitted sheet

  • Cot-size blanket

  • (4) Glue Sticks

  • Crayons

  • Crayon Box

  • Markers

  • (4) Preschool-size Pencils (fat)

  • (1) Change of Clothes

  • (1) Bottle of Glue

  • (1) Box of Kleenex

  • (1) Baby wipes

  • (2) Dry Erase Markers


               Red collard shirt

        Black pants/shorts/skirt

                  Black shoes

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