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Toddler & 2 Year Old Classroom!

Our toddler and two year old curriculum will instructed using Abeka and is designed to balance independence with teacher guidance. Starting our students on the Abeka curriculum gives them an opportunity to build a positive God filled foundation at an early age.

While tots and twos are beginning to learn in group settings, our teachers make certain to offer them opportunities to establish individuality and self-assertion. Our goal is to help all the children in our toddler program grow and thrive.

We believe that play is learning, and that toddlers/two-year-olds lives should be filled with opportunities for rich play. Our program encourages independence (self-help skills) as well as social skills like learning about friendship, sharing, playing together or parallel play.

Small class size and affordable tuition!

Book fees are paid within your deposit!


Monthly Tuition: $795

Weekly Tuition: $210

Supply List

  • Family Portrait

  • (2) Hand Sanitizers

  • (2) Cans of Lysol

  • (1) Gallon Ziplock Bags

  • (1) Box of Sandwich Bags

  • Fitted sheet

  • Cot-size blanket

  • (4) Glue Sticks

  • Crayons (Jumbo)

  • Crayon Box

  • (4) Preschool-size Pencils (fat)

  • (1) Change of Clothes

  • (2) Box of Kleenex

  • (1) Baby wipes

  • (1 pack) Pull-ups

  • Bibs (tots only)

Toddlers Only

Toddlers are able to bring sippie cups for lunch and snack time

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